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Department of Plant Pathology

Departmental Seminar Schedule


 Plant Pathology Spring 2018 Seminar Schedule

Seminars are in Throckmorton 4031 at 3:45 PM unless otherwise noted.






Jan 25

Jagger Harvey

Feed the Future Innovation Lab for the Reduction of Post-Harvest Loss, Kansas State University

 Towards integrated approaches to mitigate mycotoxins across a changing landscape


Feb 1

Colene Lind, Assistant Prof. and Graduate Studies Dir.

 KSU, Department of Communication Studies 

Feb 8




Feb 15




Feb 22

Katie Jordan

 KSU Dept. of Plant Pathology


Mar 1

Maureen Olewnik

Global Food Systems Initiative coordinator

The Kansas State University Global Food Systems program.

Mar 8




Mar 15

Kaitlyn BissonnetteUniversity of Missouri, 

Assistant Extension Professor


Mar 22

Spring Break

March 29


Apr 5

Sarah Evanega


Director, Cornell Alliance for Science



Apr 12




Apr 19


Apr 26


May 4





Microarray Workshop