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Publications - Trees, Shrubs & Ornamentals

Trees, shrubs, and ornamentals are affected by a wide array of disease problems. For information about plants or diseases not covered on this page, please contact Megan Kennelly. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of specific diseases, by host plant species.


Trees and shrubs - general publications:

Tree and shrub problems in Kansas: Diseases, insects, and environmental stresses.

This is a comprehensive guide to the most common tree and shrub problems. It is available as a pdf at the above link, or printed copies can be ordered from the K-State Extension Bookstore by calling 785-532-5830 or emailing orderpub@k-state.edu. 79 pages

Diseases of Trees in the Great Plains

This is a comprehensive, detailed text that discusses tree diseases that are common in our region. It was written by a team of authors across the region, including KSU faculty. 229 pages.

Canker Diseases of trees

Detailed overview of canker diseases, including Leucostoma and Valsa (Cytospora) canker, Nectria cankers, Botryosphaeria cankers, and Phomopsis canker

Anthracnose of Shade trees

Overview of anthracnose diseases, including anthracnose on ash, maple, walnut, oak, and sycamore as well as Marssonina leaf spot of cottonwood and elm black spot

Iron Chlorosis in trees

Juniper diseases

This publication covers cedar apple rusts, Botrysophaeria canker,Seiridium canker, Kabatina tip blight, Phomopsis tip blight, Cercospora needle blight, and root diseases

Pine diseases in Kansas

Pine tip blight, Dothistroma needle blight, and pine wilt



Specific diseases, listed alphabetically by plant affected

Ash anthracnose

Cottonwood: Marssonina leaf spot

Crabapple: cedar apple rust

Crabapple: scab

Eastern Red Cedar(see Juniper)

Elm Black Spot anthracnose

Hosta: Hosta virus X

Juniper: Bot canker
Juniper: cedar-apple rust
Juniper: Kabatina tip blight
Juniper: Phomopsis

Maple anthracnose

Oak anthracnose

Pine: Dothistroma Needle BlightPine: Pine Tip Blight (Diplodia/Sphaeropsis)

Rose: ,Rose Rosette Disease


Spruce: Rhizosphaera Needle Cast

Sycamore anthracnose

Verticillium Wilt of Shade trees

Walnut anthracnose