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Department of Plant Pathology

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

Ph.D. Student

Email Catherine

Kansas State University
4701 Throckmorton PSC
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506

Ph: +1-785-532-1392
Fx: +1-785-532-5692



  • M.S. Agronomy / Plant Pathology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2013)
  • B.S. Biology, University of Louisiana-Lafayette (2011)


Catherine is pursuing a PhD in Genetics and working to identify and characterize thrips’ (Frankliniella occidentalis) proteins that interact with Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV). These identified thrips’ proteins will likely prove important for understanding TSWV acquisition, replication, and transmission. Increased understanding in how TSWV is able to exploit thrips as a host can ultimately provide a foundation for more effective control strategies and minimize agronomic losses associated with TSWV.