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Department of Plant Pathology


John Fellers - Mapping and cloning genes in wheat for resistance to Karnal bunt, leaf rust, stem rust, scab, septoria, Hessian fly and viruses. Genomics approaches to identify new markers and expressed sequence tags for plant disease and insect resistance genes.

Karen Garrett - Gene expression in native plant communities in response to biotic and abiotic stressors. For more information see the website of the Plant Disease Ecology Lab.

Chris Toomajian - Population and evolutionary genetics and genomics of plants and plant pathogens. Analyzes genome-scale DNA polymorphism datasets in order to infer the relative importance of processes such as mutation, recombination, genetic drift, migration, and natural selection in creating observed patterns of polymorphisms. Develops methods to infer recent instances of natural selection at the DNA level in order to identify adaptive genetic variation. Is interested in methods and datasets that allow for the statistical mapping of quantitative trait loci (complex traits) back to the genome in samples of unrelated individuals.

Frank White - The research of Prof. Frank White utilizes molecular genetic and genomic techniques for functional analyses of plant disease and mechanisms of resistance. Complete genome sequencing of plant pathogenic bacteria is used for gene discovery. Targeted mutagenesis techniques are subsequently used for functional analysis. Transcriptional profiling is for gene discovery in rice, sorghum and wheat. RNA-meditated gene silencing and insertional mutanagenesis techniques are employed in the analysis of host/pathogen interactions. Our principle organisms are rice and sorghum with related work in other species including wheat.