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Department of Plant Pathology

Plant Biotechnology

Harold trick - Molecular biology and genetic engineering of crop plants with emphasis on wheat and soybean. Uses transgenic technology as novel methods for crop protection and increase value-added traits. Director of K-State's Plant transformation Facility and assists other researchers with creating transgenic plants.

Frank White - The research of Prof. Frank White utilizes molecular genetic and genomic techniques for functional analyses of plant disease and mechanisms of resistance. Complete genome sequencing of plant pathogenic bacteria is used for gene discovery. Targeted mutagenesis techniques are subsequently used for functional analysis. Transcriptional profiling is for gene discovery in rice, sorghum and wheat. RNA-meditated gene silencing and insertional mutanagenesis techniques are employed in the analysis of host/pathogen interactions. Our principle organisms are rice and sorghum with related work in other species including wheat.

Frank White - Research in the laboratory of Frank White utilizes recombinant DNA and plant gene transfer techniques for crop improvement. Approaches involving developmental expression, gene silencing and ectopic expression are employed. The primary delivery techniques involves Agrobacterium-mediated delivery. Other technologies include viral-based delivery and protein detection.