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Publications - Trees, Shrubs & Ornamentals

Trees, shrubs, and ornamentals are affected by a wide array of disease problems. For information about plants or diseases not covered on this page, please contact Megan Kennelly. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of specific diseases, by host plant species.


Trees and shrubs - general publications:

Tree and shrub problems in Kansas: Diseases, insects, and environmental stresses.

This is a comprehensive guide to the most common tree and shrub problems. It is available as a pdf at the above link, or printed copies can be ordered from the K-State Extension Bookstore by calling 785-532-5830 or emailing orderpub@k-state.edu. 79 pages

Diseases of Trees in the Great Plains

This is a comprehensive, detailed text that discusses tree diseases that are common in our region. It was written by a team of authors across the region, including KSU faculty. 229 pages.

Anthracnose of Shade trees

  • Overview of anthracnose diseases, including:
    • anthracnose on ash, maple, walnut, oak, and sycamore 
    • Marssonina leaf spot of cottonwood and elm black spot

Iron Chlorosis in trees

Juniper diseases

  • This publication covers cedar apple rusts, Botrysophaeria canker,Seiridium canker, Kabatina tip blight, Phomopsis tip blight, Cercospora needle blight, and root diseases


Pine diseases in Kansas

  • Pine tip blight
  • Dothistroma needle blight
  • pine wilt



Specific diseases, listed alphabetically by plant affected

Ash anthracnose

Cottonwood: Marssonina leaf spot

Crabapple: cedar apple rust

Crabapple: scab

Eastern Red Cedar(see Juniper)

Elm Black Spot anthracnose

Hosta: Hosta virus X

Juniper: Bot canker
Juniper: cedar-apple rust
Juniper: Kabatina tip blight
Juniper: Phomopsis

Maple anthracnose

Oak anthracnose

Pine: Dothistroma Needle Blight

Pine: Pine Tip Blight (Diplodia/Sphaeropsis)

♦ Rose: Rose Rosette Disease


Spruce: Rhizosphaera Needle Cast

Sycamore anthracnose

Verticillium Wilt of Shade trees

Walnut anthracnose