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Department of Plant Pathology


  • Dr. Robert Bowden - Development of wheat germplasm with resistance to leaf rust, stripe rust, stem rust, and Karnal bunt. Molecular markers and genetics of resistance to wheat diseases. Genetics and diversity of Gibberella zeae cause of Fusarium head blight of small grains.
  • Dr. Erick De Wolf - Research efforts focus on the development of disease management strategies for fungal diseases of wheat including Fusarium head blight, tan spot, leaf rust and stripe rust. Specific research projects include the evaluation of wheat varieties for resistance to disease, evaluation of foliar fungicides for disease control, and development of plant disease prediction models.
  • Dr. John Fellers - Identification of molecular markers linked to disease resistance genes for leaf rust, Karnal bunt, scab and Hessian fly. Isolating resistance genes for use in transformation and avirulence genes to those resistance genes.
  • Dr. Bernd Friebe - Wheat classical and molecular cytogenetics. Development, characterization, and maintenance of genetic stocks. Transfer of agronomically interesting genes from related species to wheat using chromosome engineering. Mode of action of gametocidal genes and their implication in genome evolution in the triticeae.
  • Dr. Bikram Gill - Research in cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and evolution of polyploid plant species; crop plant genetics, genomics, pathology, and breeding; management of wheat genetic resources, germ plasm, and genetic stocks. Director, Wheat Genetics Resource Center.
  • Dr. Timothy Todd - Yield loss assessment and management strategies for nematode pests
  • Dr. Harold Trick - Molecular biology and genetic engineering of wheat. Uses transgenic technology as novel methods for crop protection and increase value-added traits. Emphasis on fungal pathogens such as Scab, leaf rust and stem rust. Assist other scientists with their transformation needs.
  • Dr. Anna Whitfield - My research team is addressing the needs of wheat producers by identifying virus- and arthropod-resistant germplasm and developing diagnostic tools for viruses.