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Department of Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology
Kansas State University
1712 Claflin Road
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Manhattan, KS 66506

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Disease management

William Bockus - Participation in development of wheat germplasm resistant to fungal pathogens in Kansas. Effects of various cultural practices (tillage, fertilizers, crop rotations, etc.) on diseases caused by these pathogens. Efficacy of disease-control chemicals on wheat diseases.

Bob Bowden - Wheat disease management, crop loss assessment.

Erick De Wolf - Research evaluating the efficacy of disease management strategies including crop rotation, tillage, host resistance and fungicides. Development of decision tools that will help wheat producers successfully integrate disease management strategies.

Karen Garrett - Wheat disease management, resistance gene deployment, cultural practices for disease management, IPM in rice-vegetable cropping systems. For more information see the website of the Plant Disease Ecology Lab.

Doug Jardine - Identification and management of disease pests of field row crops. State Leader for Extension Plant Pathology. Research interests include seed treatments of grain sorghum and soybeans, management of charcoal rot and Phytophthora root rot on soybeans.

Megan Kennelly - Studies on the effects of fertility, aerification, cultivar selection and fungicides for management of large patch of creeping bentgrass. Evaluation of fungicides, biological controls and cultivar resistance for dollar spot of creeping bentgrass. Evaluation of application technologies for control of dollar spot of creeping bentgrass. Evaluation of fungicides for management of brown patch of tall fescue. Evaluation of organically labeled products for foliar diseases of tomato.

Chris Little - Management of fungal diseases of sorghum and soybeans. Impact of soils, irrigation and nutrition upon charcoal rot processes in Kansas.

Jim Stack - Epidemiology and management of field crop diseases in the Great Plains. Theory and practice of biological management of plant pathogens and disease.

Tim Todd - Durable resistance strategies for the soybean cyst nematode Heterodera glycines. Crop loss assessment and damage relationships for nematode pests of corn and soybean.