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Sample Submission

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Genotyping Sample Submission

The facility will accept a minimum of 48 ready-to-load samples in 96- or 384-well ABI-compatible plates. When submitting 48 samples, we ask that you place them in odd-numbered wells of a 96-well plate. We can run samples labeled with the following dye sets:

  • R110, R6G, TAMRA, ROX, LIZ (DS02)
  • 6-FAM, HEX, NED, ROX (DS30)
  • 6-FAM, VIC, NED, LIZ, PET (DS33)

Ready-to-load samples must include the PCR products, Hi-Di formamide and size standard (GeneScan -120 LIZ size standard PN4322362 for DS02 dye set, GeneScan 400 HD ROX size standard PN402985 or 500 ROX size standard PN401784 for DS30 dye set and GeneScan -500 LIZ size standard PN4322682 for DS33 dye set). If sample number is NOT exactly 48, 96 or 384, please add 10 ul distilled water to all empty wells.

To submit samples:

  • Fill out the sample submission form, and print.
  • For billing purposes, we require an Interdepartmental Requisition Form (IDR) or Purchase Order (PO) number.
  • Bring the sample submission form and IDR/PO to 3304 Throckmorton Hall along with your sample plate.
  • Please send us your plate record by email, DNA Genotyping.
  • Raw data will be emailed to you after the run.

A copy of your data will be retained by the facility for one month only, so please back-up your files; we cannot keep your data for long term due to the large volume of data generated daily in the facility.