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Welcome to the Department of Plant Pathology

We are a department of plant and microbial scientists, teaching and experimenting alongside our students, the next generation of scientists and leaders.

Our internationally recognized programs and faculty, culturally diverse students, state-of-the-art facilities and friendly atmosphere provide an ideal environment for learning. While browsing our pages, please consider whether joining a community like ours might be the right training experience for you to launch or advance your science career.


Eduard Akhunov in the News
Several Kansas State University researchers were essential in helping scientists assemble a draft of a genetic blueprint of bread wheat, also known as common wheat. The food plant is grown on more than 531 million acres around the world and produces nearly 700 million tons of food each year.
Tillman Award Winners
It is with great pleasure that the Tillman Selection Committee announces the recipients of the 2014 Tillman Enhancement Awards.  

Damien Downes, Bethany Grabow, Jessica Rupp

The purpose of these awards is to perpetuate the memory of Marcia Edythe Tillman and immediate family members that include her father, Benjamin W. Tillman, her mother, Marcia Ella Goddard Tillman and brother, Benjamin A. Tillman. 

When you see these students, please congratulate them. 

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