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Welcome to K-State Plant Pathology

We have established an internationally recognized excellence in an array of programs which focus on crops and microbes important to the Kansas economy and global food security plus key model systems. Our award winning faculty and students come together with a variety of interests and expertise, but a common goal to understand and improve plant health.


Winter greetings from KSU Plant Pathology!

Dear friends, family, and supporters of KSU Plant Pathology. Fall 2021 was another exciting semester. We welcomed several new people to the Department and said farewell to several graduates. Students and faculty earned numerous awards and special recognitions. Thank you and congratulations to everyone for your outstanding contributions in research, teaching, extension, and service.

Read the full Winter/Spring 2022 Newsletter

Dr. Barbara Valent awarded the Commerce Bank Distinguished Graduate Faculty award

Dr. Barbara Valent was selected as one of the two Commerce Bank Distinguished Graduate Faculty awardees for the current academic year. This award honors current members of the graduate faculty who are recognized nationally and internationally for their outstanding scholarly achievements and for their contributions to graduate education at the university. More about the award here: https://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/2021-10/dist-grad-faculty-award102721.html 

Dr. Eduard AkhunovDr. Eduard Akhunov becomes Director of the Wheat Genetics Resource Center

Dr. Eduard Akhunov has stepped into the role of WGRC (Wheat Genetics Resource Center) Director as a part of his faculty appointment. Dr. Akhunov brings excellent scientific depth & breadth plus many national and international connections to the role. The WGRC is a world-renowned gene bank with a critical collection of wild wheat relatives and key cytogenetic stocks. The center's collections help support and facilitate wheat research around the world. Moreover, high-impact research is conducted right here at KSU by the WGRC.

Upasana Dhakal received the Robert Nunemacher award and the Tillman family graduate student award

PhD student Upasana Dhakal, advised by Dr. Chris Toomajian, received the Robert Nunemacher award (2021-2022), the Tillman family graduate student award, and a GCS “travel” award for the online APS Plant Health 2021 conference, where she presented a (virtual) poster.

Daniel Tran Awarded Cancer Research Award

Daniel Tran, an undergraduate researcher mentored by Richard Todd, earned a training award from KSU's Johnson Cancer Center! More here: https://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/2021-12/cancer-research-award-winners121021.html