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The K-State Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab provides timely diagnostics of plant pathogenic fungi, bacteria, viruses, and fungal-like organisms. Our mission is to provide this service to K-State Research and Extension personnel, consultants, commercial producers, landscape companies, and homeowners both within and outside of Kansas. After plant diagnosis, we will provide research-based resources and connect you with one of our experts to answer any questions.

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Collect your samples and ship them to our lab today. If you have questions about your submission or our processes, email us for specific help.

Looking for something else?

Our lab specializes in disease identification in plants. If you need help with other plant issues or identification, please check out these K-State resources:

The Department of Entomology Extension has dedicated staff to help you identify your insects.
For identification of a plant species, the K-State Herbarium is your resource.
The Soil Testing Lab in the Department of Agronomy has a full slate of tests and services to analyze soil and plant nutrients.

Herbicide Residue Testing

Residue testing is a specific set of tests run by dedicated labs. We maintain a list for you to get the best help.

View the herbicide testing labs

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