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Extension Plant Pathology

We help homeowners, farmers, and commercial growers make the most of their growing seasons with timely plant resources.

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Help from Our Experts at Your Fingertips

Our Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab helps homeowners, farmers, and commercial growers get to the bottom of their plant health problems. With an accurate diagnoses from our team, we can get you connected with the extension faculty and agents with expertise in the plant or disease to assist your disease management efforts. As part of a network of diagnostic labs, we are able to quickly assess disease forecasts and trends.

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Supporting Your Goals & Efforts

Our extension efforts are developed in a way to bring the latest science-based information to the field crop and horticultural industries in the state. As part of these efforts, we deliver programs and materials that educate homeowners about home lawn and garden issues. Along with these outreach programs, we are highly involved in the research and teaching efforts of the Department of Plant Pathology.

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Ready to get help? Our extension team is waiting to hear from you to help you with your plant needs.

Megan Kennelly

Megan Kennelly, PhD

Department Head
Turfgrass & Ornamentals Pathologist
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Kelsey Andersen Onofre

Kelsey Andersen Onofre, PhD

Assistant Professor
Wheat & Alfalfa
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Rodrigo Borba Onofre

Rodrigo Borba Onofre, PhD

Assistant Professor
Field & Row Crops
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Judy O'Mara

Judy O'Mara

Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab Director
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Jim Stack

Jim Stack, PhD

Great Plains Diagnostic Network Director
Plant Diagnostics
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Chandler Day

Chandler Day

Associate Diagnostician
Row Crops, Wheat, & Forage
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