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Department of Plant Pathology

Welcome to the Department

Welcome to the Department of Plant Pathology at Kansas State University! Our department is composed of a family of faculty, staff, and students with diverse interests and expertise but a common goal to understand and improve plant health.

We have established an internationally recognized excellence in an array of programs including:

  • Disease ecology, epidemiology, diagnostics, and management
  • Disease resistance, plant genetics & genomics, biotechnology
  • Pathogen and microbe biology & genetics
  • Plant-microbe interactions and plant-vector-microbe interactions

We focus on crops and microbes important to the Kansas economy and global food security plus key model systems.

We are home to:

  • Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic - our extension team provides diagnostic support and management recommendations to growers across Kansas.
  • Great Plains Diagnostic Network - one of five national centers for detection and rapid response to introductions of potentially destructive pathogens.
  • Wheat Genetic and Genomic Resources Center - a premier and internationally recognized center of excellence for basic and applied research on this essential crop.
  • Fungal Genetics Stock Center  - provides strains and other material and is leading the transition into the genome-enabled microbiology era with new approaches to material and information resource integration and management.
  • International Fusarium Workshop - an annual event, held alternately in Manhattan and an overseas location. It is a workshop in which Fusarium researchers from around the world can come for a week of intensive hands-on training.

Are you interested in pursuing graduate education at K-State?

You can explore the Plant Pathology Graduate Program. In addition, many of our faculty mentor graduate students through the Interdepartmental Genetics Program.