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Plant Pathology Laboratory Services for You

Our knowledgable faculty maintain our departmental services to help you manage your plant growth and provide solutions to your plant problems.

Understanding the issues your plants are facing helps you come up with a plan to be more successful in your growing. With the diverse laboratory services housed within the Department of Plant Pathology and those we partner with, we are well equipped to help you with any issues you may face. Let's get started.

Plant Transformation Facility

Plant tissue culture, genetic transformation, and gene editing support for researchers.

wheat breeding testing

K-State’s DNA sequencing core facility.

plant growth

The Fungal Genetics Stock Center is a resource available to the Fungal Genetics research community and to educational and research organizations in general.

wheat breeding testing

The WGRC has established a national and international network to conduct and coordinate genetic studies in wheat.

checking growth under microscope

The mission of GPDN includes coordinated diagnostics, secure communications, and training of first detectors.

fungal streak plate

The Biosecurity Research Institute at Pat Roberts Hall is a unique biocontainment research and education facility that has helped K-State become a national leader in biodefense research.