Disease Resistance Genetics/Plant Genetics & Genomics/Biotechnology

We have a strong team working to understand and improve plant health through genetics, genomics, and biotechnology. Our researchers study plant resistance genes, genome diversity and evolution, cytogenetics & molecular cytogenetics, and genetic enhancement of plant traits. We work closely with plant breeders to characterize, develop, and deploy new varieties.

Research Faculty

Eduard Akhunov

Eduard Akhunov, PhD

University Distinguished Professor
Wheat Genome Development
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Alina Akhunova

Alina Akhunova, PhD

Research Professor | Integrated Genomics Director
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Jared Crain

Jared Crain, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Genomics Assisted Breeding
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Bernd Friebe

Bernd Friebe, PhD

Research Professor
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Dal-Hoe Koo

Dal-Hoe Koo, PhD

Research Associate Professor
Wheat Cytogenetics
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Sanzhen Liu

Sanzhen Liu, PhD

Associate Professor
Plant & Microbe Genomes
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Harold Trick

Harold Trick, PhD

Plant Molecular Biology
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