Faculty members in the Department of Plant Pathology come from many different backgrounds and focus on a variety of disciplines.

Adjunct Faculty
Emeritus Faculty
Megan Kennelly

Megan Kennelly, PhD

Department Head
Horticultural Crops
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Eduard Akhunov

Eduard Akhunov, PhD

University Distinguished Professor | Wheat Genetics Resource Center Director
Wheat Genetics & Genomics
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Alina Akhunova

Alina Akhunova, PhD

Research Professor | Integrated Genomics Director
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Kelsey Andersen Onofre

Kelsey Andersen Onofre, PhD

Assistant Professor
Wheat & Forage Crops
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Rodrigo Borba Onofre

Rodrigo Borba Onofre, PhD

Assistant Professor
Row Crops
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Myron Bruce

Myron Bruce, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Applied Wheat Pathology
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David Cook

David Cook, PhD

Associate Professor | Graduate Program Director
Plant-Microbe Interactions
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Jared Crain

Jared Crain, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Genomics Assisted Breeding
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Giovana Cruppe

Giovana Cruppe, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Wheat Blast
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Erick DeWolf

Erick DeWolf, PhD

Plant Disease
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Marty Draper

Marty Draper, PhD

Emeritus Professor
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Jagger Harvey

Jagger Harvey, PhD

Research Professor
Reduction of Post-Harvest Loss
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Dal-Hoe Koo

Dal-Hoe Koo, PhD

Research Associate Professor
Wheat Cytogenetics
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John Leslie

John Leslie, PhD

University Distinguished Professor
Plant Fungi
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Chris Little

Chris Little, PhD

Diseases & Fungal Pathogens
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Sanzhen Liu

Sanzhen Liu, PhD

Plant & Microbe Genomes
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Shahideh Nouri

Shahideh Nouri, PhD

Associate Professor
Plant Viruses
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Judy O'Mara

Judy O'Mara

Instructor | Plant Diagnostic Lab Director
Plant Diagnostics
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Jessica Rupp

Jessica L. Rupp Noller, PhD

Associate Professor
Wheat Pathology
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Jim Stack

Jim Stack, PhD

University Distinguished Professor | Great Plains Diagnostic Network Director
Plant Diagnostics
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Richard Todd

Richard Todd, PhD

Associate Professor
Molecular Genetics
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Timothy Todd

Timothy Todd

Nematode Diseases
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Chris Toomajian

Chris Toomajian, PhD

Associate Professor
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Harold Trick

Harold Trick, PhD

Plant Molecular Biology
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Barbara Valent

Barbara Valent, PhD

University Distinguished Professor
Rice & Wheat Blast
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