Sample Collection & Shipping Guidelines

A good plant diagnosis starts with sample collection. By submitting a high-quality sample, you help the clinic provide a high-quality, accurate diagnosis.

Please follow the collection and shipping instructions we've put together for each type of submission to ensure successful diagnosis.

Please complete the Sample Submission Form (pdf) and include it with your submission.


  • Collect and ship samples on or before Wednesday to avoid weekend storage
  • Send a healthy-looking plant and a symptomatic/sick plant
  • Collect entire plant when possible:
    • Dig up symptomatic plants to keep root system intact.
    • Bag roots separate, and then place entire plant into larger plastic bag.
  • Label and use plastic bag instead of paper and do not add water. This will maintain sample integrity.
  • Once collected, ship plant samples ASAP via overnight UPS or FedEx; USPS can take up to 14 days and will yield inaccurate test results.

Collection Tips

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