Disease Ecology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis & Management

Our goal is to develop science-based plant disease management practices for grower implementation. To do this, we study topics such as how plant diseases spread in space and time, how weather affects plant disease development, and how management interventions interact to affect disease development. We develop new tools and techniques for pathogen detection and disease diagnosis, including contributing to broader efforts in agricultural biosecurity. Our applied disease management work is connected closely to our extension work as well as to more basic molecular biology and genetics.

Research Faculty

Kelsey Andersen Onofre

Kelsey Andersen Onofre, PhD

Assistant Professor
Wheat & Forage Crops
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Bob Bowden

Bob Bowden, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Genetics of wheat rust
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Myron Bruce

Myron Bruce, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Applied Wheat Pathology
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Erick DeWolf

Erick DeWolf, PhD

Plant Disease
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Megan Kennelly

Megan Kennelly, PhD

Department Head
Horticultural Crops
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Chris Little

Chris Little, PhD

Diseases & Fungal Pathogens
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Judy O'Mara

Judy O'Mara

Instructor | Plant Diagnostic Lab Director
Plant Diagnostics
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Jessica Rupp

Jessica Rupp, PhD

Assistant Professor
Wheat Pathology
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Jim Stack

Jim Stack, PhD

Professor | Great Plains Diagnostic Network Director
Plant Dianostics
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Timothy Todd

Timothy Todd

Nematode Diseases
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