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Department of Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology
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Publications - Fruits & Vegetables

 For information on crops or diseases not covered on this page, you can email Megan Kennelly.

Fruit resources:

The following resource is a regional guide for commercial fruit growers.


This regional resource provides information for home fruit production, including disease management:

Fruit diseases - specific fact sheets:



The following resource is an excellent regional guide for commercial vegetable growers. It is updated annually by plant pathologists, entomologists, horticulturalists, and weed scientists across the Midwest:

Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers, 2018

 Tomato diseases and disorders

Several important diseases and abiotic disorders of tomatoes are covered in the two following publications.

Wilt, Nematode, and Virus Diseases of Tomato

Includes Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, Walnut wilt, Root knot nematode, Viruses

Tomato Leaf and Fruit Diseases and Disorders

Includes: Anthracnose, Septoria leaf spot, early blight, bacterial canker, bacterial spot, bacterial speck, blossom end rot, growth cracks


Soil and Cover Crops Resources

Many plant stresses are related to suboptimal site conditions, including soil factors. Here are some resources about soil and related topics:

Managing Cover Crops Profitably

Building Soils for Better Crops

Gardening on lead-contaminated soils

Growing under cover, a Kansas grower's guide

Estimating soil texture by feel

Midwest cover crops council selector tool

Efficient crop water use in Kansas (chapters 2 and 4 have information on soil health and cover crops)

Soil management YouTube videos (how to collect soil samples, texture by feel, etc)

Soil health bootcamp YouTube Channel





Contact Information

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