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Department of Plant Pathology

Office Staff Directory

Jeanna Duncan

Jeanna Duncan

Accountant II


  • A/R for all schedule of charges
  • Payroll processing, time and leave
  • APVs, Interfunds, PO's, BPC's
  • CashNet Deposits
  • Distribute monthly account reports
  • FLSA records
  • Foundation payments/receipts
  • accounting document retention via ImageNow
  • payment transfers, space leases
  • Purchase requisitions; prior authorizations
  • Reconcile grant accounts
  • Supervise office student
  • Vehicle card vouchers, Facilities Billing
  • Vehicle registration & Insurance
  • Vendor Contracts
Roxie Hawkins

Roxie Hawkins

Office Specialist II


  • All Travel
  • Annual inventory audit
  • Bulletin boards, leave status
  • Course/Room scheduling
  • Ext. diagnostic lab
    • Check-in samples
    • Database entry
    • Receive and record payments
    • Verify report distribution
  • Facilities work orders
  • Fixed asset management
  • interdept requisitions (IDRs)
  • Mail, packages, copier, faxes
  • Motor pool booking/billing
  • Property disposition requests
  • Receptionist/greeter
  • Seminar schedule and prep
  • Student admissions
  • Supply ordering
  • TEVALS, minors and flags
  • Textbooks, grade submission
  • Travel BPC
  • Vehicle maintenance/mileage


Student Worker


  • Assist office staff with clerical and professional support duties as assigned
Jen Schlegel

Jen Schlegel

Business Manager II


  • Audit all accounts, produce fund/budget transfers
  • Audit/Approve all payment, purchasing, and HR documents
  • Create/maintain schedule of charges
  • Effort reporting and cost sharing
  • Facilities projects
  • Hiring manager on all recruitments
  • MTA's, confidentiality agreements, relinquishments, consortiums
  • Payroll funding and transfers
  • Post and reconcile payroll and manage salary savings
  • Post-award mods (time extensions, budget modifications, overdrafts, modifications, PI changes)
  • Post-award reports (OORs, equipment/inventions, leveraging)
  • Reconcile all non-grant accounts (GU, Restricted Fees, Foundation, etc.)
  • Set-up new grant and non-grant accounts in internal accounting system
  • Space assignments
  • SRO posting, splits and distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Track grant awards by faculty for annual evaluations
  • Tuition payments/reimbursements
Kelly Staab

Kelly Staab

HCS Liaison


  • PageUp recruitments
  • Annual space inventory
  • Background checks
  • Coordinate website updates
  • Department head support (~5%)
  • DS2019's for visitors and new hires
  • H1B paperwork
  • Key management
  • Office directory updates
  • Onboard new employees
  • Prepare all HR paperwork
  • Service code entry
  • Submit/retain HR papers via Imagenow
No Image Available

Julie Wilburn

Accountant I