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DNA Genotyping Facility

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DNA Fragment Analysis

Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA analyzer can provide excellent resolution on molecular marker analysis such as microsatellite, AFLP, SNP, trAP etc. It can resolve 1 bp nucleotide difference between two genotypes. Also the 3730 provides high-throughput multiplex fragment analysis and has the capacity to analyze 384 samples per microsatellite marker every 2-3 hrs at reasonable low cost.

For genotyping, customers will provide us with ready to run PCR products and we will run them in the ABI 3730. The chromatograms data will be sent to customers in a CD. Data can be scored using specific software in the facility. Different from sequencing, genotyping work usually uses many different primers and has a large number of samples to be analyzed per experiment. Customers will use their own primers for PCR. Staff in the facility can help customers in planning experiments, optimization of PCR protocol and data scoring.