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Department of Plant Pathology

Departmental Services

The Department of Plant Pathology is home to several laboratory facilities that provide services to the KSU community as well as constituents outside the university.

Integrated Genomics Facility

Ultra high-throughput sequencing and gene expression analysis

DNA Sequencing Facility

We use an Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer for sequencing. It has the capacity to analyze 96 samples every 4 hrs and get 750-900 bases per sample. That’s over 48,000 bases of DNA per run. It is fully automated and can analyze 4-96 well plates without human intervention. At full capacity, it can obtain more than 300,000 bases of DNA per day.

Plant Diagnostic Lab

Our Extension team handles plant disease samples from around the state, providing information on diagnosis and management. The laboratory can also accept samples from other states.

Plant Transformation Facility

For information Contact Harold Trick (785) 532-1426

Fungal Genetics Stock Center

A living microbe collection and a research resource repository that was established in 1960 and moved to Kansas State in November 2014, when it joined the Department of Plant Pathology. We primarily serve the fungal genetics research community by providing strains and other material with a simple MTA and low fees and are now leading the transition into the genome‐enabled microbiology era with new approaches to material and information resource integration and management. Fungal Genetics Stock Center Video