Student Research

Our students are an integral part of the success of our research programs.

Graduate Research

The research from our graduate students is highlighted in their dissertations and theses. You can read recent articles from our community of scholars on K-REx.

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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research assistants and scholars are integral and productive members of many laboratories in the Department of Plant Pathology. Most of the undergraduate researchers in our department and in the Interdepartmental Genetics Program are supported by competitive research grant funds secured by faculty members. The majority of our undergraduate researchers are K-State students pursuing various majors in the College of Agriculture, College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Engineering.

Undergraduate Research for Credit

Students who have found a research mentor and are receiving research training in the Department may take an independent study research course Loading... for credit (0-3Cr). This course may be repeated in multiple semesters, and allows participation in research to be documented on the academic transcript.

Undergraduates interested in research opportunities in the Department of Plant Pathology can email Dr. Jessica Rupp for more information.

Research & Extension Experience for Undergraduates

Our undergraduate summer internships offer experiences for undergraduates in plant pathology, plant genetics, horticulture, entomology, and agronomy. Student interns work with faculty, postdoctoral scholars, or graduate students at K-State on research projects that are either lab-, greenhouse-, field-based, or a combination of above components.

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