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Department of Plant Pathology

Research & Extension Experiences for UndergraduatesResearch & Extension Experiences for UndergraduatesResearch & Extension Experiences for UndergraduatesResearch & Extension Experiences for UndergraduatesResearch & Extension Experiences for Undergraduates
Department of Plant Pathology
Kansas State University
1712 Claflin Road
4024 Throckmorton PSC
Manhattan, KS 66506

Ph: +1-785-532-6176
Fx: +1-785-532-5692



Will the covid19 pandemic affect the program?

The program is subject to Kansas State University policy. At this time we do not anticipate any major impact, but the program is subject to cancellation or change due to the covid19 pandemic.  If we need to make major changes or cancellations we will let selected participants know as soon as possible. 

I am an undergraduate student at Kansas State University. Am I eligible to apply for this internship?

Yes, we encourage K-State students to apply. 

I will graduate from my undergraduate degree in the spring 2023 semester. Can I apply for the internship?

No, the internship funds can only be used to fund currently enrolled undergraduate students who will continue in their undergraduate studies in fall 2023.

Do I already need to know all the skills listed in the project descriptions? 

No, you only need an interest to learn. You will be trained on project-specific skills.

Will I need my personal vehicle?

A personal vehicle is not necessary, but may be desired. If bringing a personal vehicle, a campus parking permit would be required that can be purchased from K-State parking services.

Are there any field trips?

In addition to your research, you will be going to several field trips during the summer. Weather in Kansas can be highly variable, especially in spring and early summer. However, you are most likely to encounter a lot of sun and heat, so plan your wardrobe accordingly. We suggest rain gear, sun hat, and sunscreen. Insect repellent might be helpful for outdoor activities. You can find most of the supplies or gear you might need here if you discover that you have forgotten something important. 

What is the poster session like?

The poster session will be in last week of the internship. It will be a two-hour sessions, where people from across KSU will come and talk to you about your summer project and things that you learned during your internship. There will also be a seminar on how to make poster and scientific presentations from K-State Graduate School. Your mentors and project directors will be available to guide you for poster making.

Posters from summer 2019 and 2022 cohorts are posted on K-State Research Exchange.

We also recommend bringing one set of nice clothes, such as dress slacks and a collared shirt, for the poster session.

Will I get access to gym?

Yes, we will purchase access to rec center for REEU interns. Visit recreational services website for more details on facilities available.